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Passionate about dancing since childhood, Peggy trained in classical dance before widening her horizon with contemporary and jazz dance.  Serendipity led her to Pilates.

Practising regularly, her figure changed noticeably, she improved her stamina, her strength and her balance.

That’s how Pilates complimented her usual dance practice and became indispensable.

Impressed by the results she decided to change her professional direction, train for Romana’s Pilates certification and transmit this ultra-efficient method as widely as possible.

After more than 800 hours of obligatory training comprising practice and observation, she obtained her diploma.  She then decided to train further and went to the True Pilates studio in New York where she undertook numerous courses and classes with some of the best master teachers:

Sari Mejia Santo, Level I , New York ; Cynthia  Shipley, Level II , New York, Marjorie Oron, Level X , Pays bas, Cynthia Lochard ,Level I , Australie , Anthony Rabara , Level II , New Jersey , Javier  Perez Pont,  Level II , Barcelone , Philippe Taupin, Level X , Paris , Sonia Herreria , Level III , Aix en provence, ,Jamie Trout, Level III , New York, Juanita Lopez,  Level I, Chicago, Flora Lombardi, Level III , Italie, Jean Claude Nelson , Munich.

Today, Peggy welcomes you in her Pilates studio ‘The Art of Control’ to share her passion for Pilates with you and help you achieve an entirely new body!

Romana’s Pilates New York Certification

First Aid Certificate PSC1

Professional Sport Instructor Certificate

Training in Physiology, posture and movement, biomecanical anatomy (GDS Campignion Method)

A.O.C 165