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What is Pilates ?


Romana’s Pilates New York : THE SCIENCE OF MOVEMENT…

For over a century, Pilates has revolutionised the very idea of physical exercise.

Dedicated to strengthening the deep muscles by using the entire body rather than isolated muscles, the Romana’s Pilates Method relies on the precision of movement rather than often useless long repetitive movements

In this manner, your body is not submitted to articulatory constraints and develops harmoniously.

*As Joseph Pilates did not trademark his name, you can find classes in many fitness centres or gyms called ‘pilates’ which aren’t in any way identical to the tuition/training of the Romana’s Pilates instructors.Pilates .



Pilates is not gentle gymnastics confined to the ‘mature’… Romana’s Pilates is based on a series of unique apparatus imagined by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th Century.

An ingenious system of straps and springs create variable resistance enabling the personalisation of over 500 exercises corresponding to your level of fitness, your condition of health and your body.


  • CONCENTRATION: Is needed to execute the movements correctly, it helps to free the spirit from stress and the daily routine
  • CONTROL: To be aware of your movements and work the muscles more deeply
  • THE CORE : The ‘core’ in Pilates corresponds to the abdominal muscles, the lumbar and gluteal (buttock) muscles. The ‘core’ is the power house ? of the body. All the exercises solicit this frame, vital for supporting the entire skeleton.
  • PRECISION : Enables you to use the deeper muscles.
  • BREATHING : Extremely important in Pilates, it assists in carrying out the exercises more intensely.
  • FLUIDITY – THE FLOW : With some practice you can move through the exercises optimising the Pilates session to the maximum.

The authentic Pilates method is recommended nowadays by numerous health experts such as physiotherapists and osteopaths.